Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with trying to create something out of nothing — from my first lawn cutting venture as a kid, which grew a network of subsidiaries across neighborhoods, to my first “real” tech venture back in 2000, as a new Waterloo grad. At that time, much of the resources available to new entrepreneurs simply didn’t exist. As a result, we shot from the hip, and have many battle scars to show for it. Since then, I’ve one other ventures, like at Visible Measures, while also having opportunities to join early, like at Nanigans, and even in the later stage, like at Sittercity.

Today, there is an overwhelming amount of startup “advice” out there; however, so much is conflicting, where the overwhelming answer to everything is “it depends”. This blog is meant to provide frameworks, and the means to think about your situation, to help navigate the advice and make the best decisions for you.

Along the way, I share some of the perspectives (and scars) I’ve accumulated along the way, with the hope of giving back, and making things a little easier for the next generation of entrepreneurs, so that you can make a larger, and more meaningful, dent on the universe.

If you like these posts, please share them, and feel free to drop me a line; I’d love to hear from you.

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