Working with MIT’s E-Center

Brian and I are flattered and humbled to join the Entrepreneurs in Residence at the MIT E-Center. Hopefully our war stories can help other aspiring student entrepreneurs launch successful ventures, and let the cycle of innovation continue.

There is a stellar crop of EIRs that we hope to learn from as well:

Other newcomers

  • Reed Sturtevant (Microsoft, IdealLab, Eons, Lotus) & Katie Rae (Microsoft Startup Labs,, Lycos, AltaVista, Zip2, MirrorWorlds)

Existing Crop

  • Jean Hammond (AXON Networks, Quarry Technologies, Spider Systems, ZipCar, HubAngels)
  • Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah (HubSpot – and classmates of ours)
  • Susan Whoriskey (Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Whoriskey Associates)

It’s really something to be back at MIT on a regular basis, and to be on the other side of the room. Also note, that for MIT alums, we’ve started a regular breakfast series for networking and discussing pressing issues – if you’re interested you can join our LinkedIn group.


  1. Rishi,

    You and Brian are doing incredible work, and are among the best and brightest in the current crop of young entrepreneurs. Congrats on becoming an EIR at the E-Center — you deserve it!

    Great to see you this morning. Looking forward to seeing you more often in the future.

    – John

    1. Thanks a lot John – you and MassChallenge are doing an incredible job, and truly changing the world!

      Best of luck to you, I’m always willing to help out however possible.

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