As the Global E-Week site puts it: “25,000 Events, Millions of Participants, 1 Week”. Certainly an impressive initiative that we should all continue to do our part to support. Personally, I could only make it to three events in Cambridge MA which were absolutely incredible – here’s my recap of those.
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Just wanted to wish the gang at Lime Tree Cove the best of luck this weekend – they’re heading out to Jimmy Buffett’s annual “Parrot Head” conference, called the “Meeting of the Minds” in Key West, FL. They’ll be there to showcase The Barmaid, in all of it’s glory. Best of luck guys, I’m sure […]

I was going through some notes the other day from business school, and came across a presentation that referred to success rates for high-tech companies. The numbers come from the book “High Tech Start Up: The Complete Handbook For Creating Successful New High Tech Companies” by John Nesheim, which is relatively old, but still poignant. In it he offers some numbers that quantify the odds of success for high-tech start-ups – here are the numbers.
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This story of two young athletes, from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, characterizes the trait of determination better than any start-up pundit / blogger can.