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While the Sacramento Kings owner, Vivek Ranadivé is undoubtedly a brilliant business man, his recent proposal to play 4 on 5 defense is flawed, and here’s why. Data can lead you astray Vivek Ranadivé (Founder / CEO of TIBCO) has an impressive resume, and has recently spent his time analyzing 30 gigs of basketball data […]


For those undertaking new mobile initiatives, and weighing what platform to choose (natives, hybrid, or HTML5), here’s a little framework you can use to help you decide where to invest. Deciding on an app platform So if you’re reading this, I likely don’t need to convince you that we’re squarely within a tectonic shift in […]


I was fortunate enough to travel to Moscow, as one of a handful of MassChallenge mentors, to deliver a week-long startup “bootcamp” to Russian entrepreneurs. We were hosted by the the Skolkovo Foundation, a Russian non-profit attempting to help create & commercialize advanced technologies, where its Skolkovo Innovation Center is comprised of startups across five […]


Throughout this series we’ve deconstructed the dimensions that comprise product management. Here we’ll put those back together, to see how you can employ the 3^3 framework to help you in your day-to-day endeavors. 9 modes vs. 27 types Unlike other frameworks I’ve developed, the 3^3 model is not a “matrix” in the sense that you […]


In Part 2 of this series, we explored the range of responsibilities a Product Manager can take on. Now, we’ll examine how those activities will change, based on where the product (or company), is in its lifecycle, based on the three main stages: pre-product-market-fit (pre-PMF), post-product-market-fit (PMF), or the “mature” phase. The major driver of your context […]


In the last part of this series we looked at the range of responsibilities Product Managers can cover. Next, in the 3^3 model, we’ll examine how those responsibilities are adjusted, based on the type of customer you are serving. Customers fall into three major types In 2012, I attended the Lean Startup Conference, and loved […]

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While I’ve previously posted about the requisite “soft-skills” of great Product Managers, in this Part of the series, we’ll explore the functional skill-set required on any given day. These competencies fall into three major categories, which I refer to the “3Ds”, consisting of Direction, Design, and Details. I believe that the Product Manager is ultimately responsible […]